About Fousseny!

He is from Mali, in West Africa. He’s 27 and is a climate activist. He started getting involved in climate activism almost 10 years ago. This was inspired by his surroundings. He could, and still sees, the threats of climate change every day.

Some of the environmental campaigns that are close to Fousseny’s heart include: awareness campaigns; educating and sharing information with his community, offer him a deep sense of satisfaction.

Fousseny’s parents, family & community has been supportive of his climate activism. Since he started he has founded his own organization: ‘association écologique citoyens pour le climat’.
On a community level, he has been involved in cleaning activities & has also contributed to reforestation efforts. In addition, he has had NGOs reach out to him for participation in conferences, debates and trainings.
He has engaged his agency as an activist to address pollutive operations of companies in Mali that run destructive activities.
With regard to climate awareness, he says he would rate Malians as a ‘1’ on a scale of 1 to 10. ‘1’ representing zero awareness & ‘10’ representing utmost awareness.
He feels that the level of awareness in his community affects his activism, because then communication is not effective. When asked whether the level of awareness in urban is more than that in rural areas, Fousseny said no, it’s not.
In Mali, Fousseny explains that ordinary people fight against deforestation and the use of plastics, to help in the climate fight.
The main challenge he has faced as an activist in Africa, is limited financial support for his actions and his advocacy.
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What is your definition of Ubuntu in activism?
It is high time for solidarity and cohesion amongst young Africans
Do you think African activists are willing to work with each other for the continent?
Please give an example of this:
I am one of the initiators of the SAUVONS le Sahel movement (Act on Sahel) which brings together activists from more than 10 different countries. And we engage ourselves in various groups supported on social networks, which discuss the issues of climate change in Africa
Regarding a post-covid ‘just’ recovery (an ongoing topic of discussion) please describe the better new normal Africa that you wish for:
An Africa that is ‘awakened’, that fights, and continues to thrive
You are part of a community tasked with rebuilding Africa for a better new normal Africa, what skills do you hold that you believe to be useful?
In public awareness programs for education and sensitization
Why is awareness for climate change in Africa important?
Because knowledge is powerful, and it can change our lives. When communities have awareness, they can help themselves. People aren’t aware of climate change and its consequences and yet, the same people are its victims. It makes no sense
If we fight climate change, with coordinated action everywhere, Africa will:
Thrive under this very good initiative
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