About Yero!

He is from Senegal, West Africa and is a 19 year old climate activist. He started getting involved in climate activism about 3 years ago. The survival of future generations and that of the planet, prompted him to join the climate fight. He finds that this being a global fight is inspiring.

Some of the environmental campaigns that are close to Yero’s heart include: Act on Sahel, Defend the Defenders, Climate Action Now and 2 million trees.

Yero’s parents, family and community have been supportive of his climate activism.
He has a great sense of social responsibility and even though he believes his countrymen could do a lot more for the planet, he also empathises with them as victims already experiencing the wrath of climate change.
He has engaged his agency as an activist to address companies in Senegal that run destructive activities.
With regard to climate awareness, Yero says he would rate the Senegalese as a ‘2’ on a scale of 1 to 10. ‘1’ representing zero awareness and ‘10’ representing utmost awareness.
Even so, he says, this (poor awareness) does not affect his activism negatively. In fact, it justifies his activism. When asked whether the level of awareness in urban is more than that in rural areas, Yero said he wasn’t sure.
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What is your definition of Ubuntu in activism?
A new and different form of activism, that is true to the cause and clear in its intent to fight for the planet and our people
Do you think African activists are willing to work with each other for the continent?
Please give an example of this:
The 'Act on Sahel' campaign
Regarding a post-covid ‘just’ recovery (an ongoing topic of discussion) please describe the better new normal Africa that you wish for:
Well, I’m afraid that covid-19 will only negatively affect the continent. The continent will be weakened on all levels and most especially, economically. This will push governments to borrow from international banks such as the IMF, WB and others, which will continue to drug us through the mud, sinking the continent even further into debt
Why is awareness for climate change in Africa important?
Because they need to get involved in the climate fight and adopt a new, more eco-responsible lifestyle. Our collective action is far better than individual action.
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