The Pledge

We encourage all our friends to read and sign our community pledge

On hand

Taking the time to learn about what’s required to achieve a better world. 

Carbon footprint

climate change is related to increased carbon dioxide levels. These are attributed to human activities dating back to the Industrial Revolution. A justice issue that arises from this is that the largest emissions come from the global north, yet the global south faces the highest risk of climate events.

Prescribed actions

I commit

To the prescribed actions, which are accessible to many of us. 

Waste footprint

the waste we generate is suffocating the planet. From food waste that generates methane (a greenhouse gas) to plastic waste that ends up in the bellies of fish, clogging up drainpipes, etc.

Prescribed actions​

I commit

To transfer what I learn to my community.

Climate adaptation

climate change triggers extreme weather events, which leaves those exposed to these risks extremely vulnerable. Adapting to these risks, inspires resilience by reducing or managing risk.

Prescribed actions​

I commit

To explore even more avenues for action other than those prescribed in this pledge.


being aware of the changing climate, the compounding risks and the projected impacts, makes those at-risk, better able to make decisions and navigate ‘storms’.

Prescribed actions​


I will seek to do better for the planet, accepting that the journey will have its ups & downs


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