Rooted connections

For agroforestry projects that face climate challenges, we explore solutions through partnership

What we do!

Ensure farmers are supported to create positive change within the community.

Establishing Trust
Build a foundation of trust with the farmers
Community Formation
Cultivate a sense of community and collaboration among them
Collaborative Approach
Engage in a collaborative decision-making process, involving active participation
Values Alignment
Identify shared values and understanding of community needs
Collective Leadership
Empowering farmers to take ownership of the process
Goal Setting and Experimentation
Collaboratively set goals and encourage farmers to design and implement ideas
Monitoring and Evaluation
Establish mechanisms for monitoring progress and evaluating the impact of interventions
Stay Connected and Build Community
Foster ongoing connection, networking, and support among farmers beyond the coaching program
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Support, to regenerate

We understand the need to proof communities against the costs of climate change​

We are here to help!

“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”
African proverb